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Defying any singular classification of genre or geography … Bishop succeeds in archiving the richness of a developed literary future …

Dear Ones,

I write to you against the back drop of two category 5 hurricanes which pummeled the region I love so dearly, the region I call home. The Caribbean. First there was Irma, which was catastrophic enough. But then came Maria. At this point, I know I speak for many who can’t wait for the end of hurricane season on November 30th. Despite the destruction, I stand firm in my belief, as I expressed on Facebook and Twitter, that the widespread destruction presents a moment for us to actually hear from the people impacted in the Caribbean about how they believe the places where they are actually living should be reimagined. Now is the time to guard against offering quick and easy answers and solutions.

This newsletter, as with the others, offers up my latest news: Exhibitions, continuing reviews of “The Gymnast”, interviews, new profiles and such. In this newsletter too, I talk about my small company Antillean and the work that we are doing with three amazing self-taught Jamaican artists — Sane Mae Dunkley who makes the most marvelous tapestries, Kemel Rankine who makes gorgeous paintings on discarded metals, and Eddie Harris who has generated quite a buzz on the island with his vernacular shanties.

As always, I look forward to any thoughts you might have.

Warmest of regards,


Work Available in Switzerland

One of the things that came out of showing my work in the Jamaica Biennial 2017 was that I was approached by Experience Jamaique based in Switzerland to showcase and sell some of my work. I am delighted to join a quite distinguished roster of Jamaican artists at Experience Jamaique. The work is available online so now you know where to go and buy my work! Find out more about my work at Experience Jamaique by going to:

Work on Paper 3 Collage 3

Exhibition in California

“Bodies of Water” is currently on view at “Let’s Play: Intuition, Imagination, and Black Creativity” at Pro Arts Gallery in Oakland, California. “Bodies of Water” is dedicated to my much beloved grandmother who I lost three years ago. The work references a game I used to play as a child on the island of Jamaica where I would lay on the grass with my relatives trying to decipher the shapes we saw in the clouds. I decided to return to this ‘game’ but this time referencing the many forms that water and ultimately matter may take.


To particularize this photograph, I went back to the small rural district of Nonsuch on the island where my family is from and recorded ambient sounds as well as my young cousins singing childhood songs. The work consists of a series of digital photographs used in a video format.

New Reviews of “The Gymnast & Other Positions”

… Her visual fascination with looping stories … has spilled over to the written word … 

My book, “The Gymnast & Other Positions”, continues to get very strong reviews. Indeed, it seems that one strong review follows another. Most recently, Donette Francis who directs the American Studies Program at the University of Miami in “Review: Literature & Arts of the Americas (Issue 94, Volume 50, 2017)” said the book “confirms the maturing of both our Caribbean literary and critical traditions.”

In another review, this time by Robyn Stephenson in Susumba, Stephenson notes that, “Bishop systematically dismantles her own art and raison d’être … Her visual fascination with looping stories over and through each other has spilled over to the written word, creating her own patchwork quilt of literature. This patchwork aesthetic … has long been a defining feature of Bishop’s studio creations and now, to come full circle, has finally found a place in her writing as well.”

You can read Stephenson’s entire review here:’s-gymnast-and-other-positions


Antillean is a company I founded that draws its primary inspiration from the colors, craft traditions and vibrancy of the Caribbean. Our products will help you to feel enveloped in the warmth of the Caribbean, and they will create a sense of Caribbean chic and Caribbean living, wherever in the world you may be. We do this by working with practitioners in the region to encourage, develop, revitalize, and sustain the craft traditions of the Caribbean.

You can find out more about us at:

Antillean scored a big win when we were one of among 52 selected out of 600 applicants from around the world for a spot at the prestigious Santa Fe Folk Art Festival, the number one festival in the country. Here we represented the island of Jamaica and showcased the work of painter Kemel Rankine.

We also scored a big win again when we were curated into the prestigious Outsider Art Fair which will be held in New York City January 18th–21st at The Metropolitan Pavilion — 125 West 18th Street, Manhattan.

At the Outsider Art Fair, we will be showcasing the work of Sane Mae “Mama Laine” Dunkley (b. 1954, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica) who makes the most gorgeous mats and tapestries.

Tapestry Smaller 53 x 50

Eddie Harris (b. 1971 Portland, Jamaica) who is noted for his exploration of the vernacular shacks and shanties of the island.

Eddie green & white

Kemel Leeford Rankine (b. 1944 St. Elizabeth, Jamaica) who paints on discarded bits of metal.


New Interviews

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the esteemed writer Opal Palmer Adisa for her publication “Interviewing Caribbean” and being profiled by “theNativeSociety”:

“Jacqueline Bishop.” By Opal Palmer Adisa. Interviewing the Caribbean. Volume 2, Number 2. Spring 2017. Christiansted, Virgin Islands. Editor: Opal Palmer Adisa.

“Jacqueline Bishop: Author & University Professor, New York University.” June 2, 2017. theNativeSociety. Personalizing Thought Leadership.

Profiles …

 While you’re at it, take some time to browse through some of my most recent profiles and interviews. As someone noted to me recently, the work I do with these profiles and interviews, are part of my artistic practice in their insistence on allowing the voices of others to be heard. So, read on!

Jacqueline Bishop. “Where Others See Fragmentation, Tatiana Flores Sees Continuity in Caribbean Art.” The Huffington Post. September 29th, 2017.

Jacqueline Bishop. “Monika Lin Wants a Return to Sensuality, Wildness and Pleasure in Oral Tales.” The Huffington Post. August 22nd, 2017.

Jacqueline Bishop. “Valérie Rousseau Seeks to Highlight the Rich Stories of Outsider Art.” The Huffington Post. July 23rd, 2017.érie-rousseau-seeks-to-highlight-the-rich-stories_us_5974a2f2e4b06b511b02c422

Jacqueline Bishop. “At Its Best, Curating is On-The-Ground Detective Work for Diana Nawi.” The Huffington Post. June 26th, 2017.

Jacqueline Bishop. “Taking Stock of the Jamaica Biennial 2017 with the Executive Director of the National Gallery of Jamaica, Veerle Poupeye and Others.” The Huffington Post. May 25th, 2017.

ARC. Art Recognition Culture. April 30th, 2016. Interview: “Using Objects to Convey Meaning and Break Silences: An Interview with Material Culture Expert Steeve Buckridge.” Editor: Holly Bynoe.

Jacqueline Bishop. “Standing in a Place You’ve Never Stood Before in Cecilia Whittaker-Doe Landscape Paintings.” The Huffington Post. April 17th, 2017.

Jacqueline Bishop. “There Were No Straight Lines in Eileen Kwan’s Path to Becoming a Visual Artist.” The Huffington Post. March 25th, 2017.

Until next time!