Work in Exhibition in California

Truly delighted that “Bodies of Water” is being showcased as part of the exhibition Let’s Play: Intuition, Imagination, and Black Creativity in Oakland, California. “Bodies of Water” is a series of digital photographs used in a video format. “Bodies of Water” is being presented by the AfroSurreal Writers and the Kiss My Black Arts Collective at Pro Arts Gallery (150 Frank Ogawa Plaza)  Fri., June 2  through Thurs., June 29th.

Bodies 2

Play explores AfroSurreal ideas about intuition and imagination and will feature the audio and digital projections of several writers’ and artists’ work including Jacqueline Bishop, Renee Alexander Craft, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, Jewelle Gomez, Victor LaValle, James Lee, Kyla Marshell, Sharan Strange,  Sheree Renée Thomas, Dawnie Walton, and readers from Serenity House and the AfroSurreal Writers Workshop’s reading series on Intuition and Creativity. Members of the Kiss My Black Arts Collective will create a mural based on the idea of play in the Oakland community. This will be one of the first visual exhibits on AfroSurrealism and we all in Oakland are invited to attend.

About the Kiss My Black Arts Collective: The Kiss My Black Arts Collective exists to help artists take your creativity to the next level Economically. Together, they create social economics through Mural projects, workshops and art exhibitions, while encouraging participation and collaboration amongst their members, local artists, and community leaders through democratic controlled enterprises.

About the AfroSurreal Writers Workshop: The AfroSurreal Writers Workshop amplifies the voices of emerging and established writers and artists of color who create surreal, futurist, speculative fiction, fantasy, science fiction, horror, dystopian, apocalyptic, weird, or absurdist literature and art, centered in perspectives of people of color. About Serenity House: Serenity House was originally established as a recovery program for women suffering from addiction. Today, we provide services for women who have been raped or molested as children, suffer from addiction, homelessness, mental health, and/or emotional issues caused by trauma.

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