Exhibition in Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico-Cayey Present Representations of the Greater Antilles in the visual art


Sunday, December 4th, will see the opening of the exhibition In Situ: visiones del paisaje en las Grandes Antillas which revisits the landscape collection of Cayey’s own Ramón Frade (Cayey, 1875-1954) along with contemporary artistic production from the neighboring islands: Hispaniola, Cuba and Jamaica. This exhibition confirms an interest in the construction and interpretation of landscapes through reflections on our current age.


In situ: visiones del paisaje en las Grandes Antillas” unites 35 artists who, from their own perspective about places surrounding their islander origin or their migration between territories, point to the diverse ways in which we relate to the spaces we inhabit and how do these enunciate the social, political, cultural or environmental complexities we confront as individuals and as a society. This exhibit opens communications and dialog between the artists of the Antilles and illustrates the expressive and discursive richness that distinguishes the artistic production of this region in the Caribbean through pieces that come straight from the artist and diverse private and institutional collections in Puerto Rico”, explained Mariel Quiñones Vélez, Curator of the exhibit.


The Chocolate Cortés Collection, the only collection in Puerto Rico focused in the artistic production in the Caribbean region, made viable the development of this exhibition alongside the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico and art professionals like Maud Duquella, Carmen Correa y Patricia Butler.

Over 35 artists are participating in the exhibition including Jacqueline Bishop, Everald Brown, and  Oneika Russell from Jamaica.



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