Veerle Poupeye Interviews Jacqueline Bishop (Part I)

Sometimes life has a way of coming full circle … many moons ago I was a graduate student in creative writing making visual art that no one but myself saw … I got a grant to go to Jamaica to do work on a group of artists (The Intuitives) … Veerle Poupeye worked so hard to help me secure that grant, that I felt I could share with her my wanting to be a visual artist … she looked at me in all seriousness and told me to go for it … an MA and an MFA in studio art later I have not looked back since … so you can imagine how full circle it all feels to be interviewed my Veerle … and I particularly love this interview because it allows me to see the impact my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother, and even my cousin Mary have all had on me as a visual artist … we are a bunch of textile artists … the district of Nonsuch …  Thanks again and again Veerle Poupeye …



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