Jamaica Biennial 2017

Soooooo THRILLED that a part of my Female Sexual Desires Project will be installed at the Jamaica Biennial 2017 at the National Gallery of Jamaica!!!!!! More soon.

New Interview with Loretta Collins Klobah

… this lovely conversation with the oh so lovely Loretta Collins Klobah … giving thanks … https://repeatingislands.com/2016/12/23/loretta-collins-klobah-interviews-jacqueline-bishop-in-bringing-it-all-together/

Fantastic Review of The Gymnast

Many thanks to Michaela Calderaro for this fantastic review of the Gymnast & Other Positions … http://edizionicafoscari.unive.it/media/pdf/article/il-tolomeo/2016/18/bishop-jaqueline-2015-the-gymnast-and-othe/art-10.14277-2499-5975-Tol-18-16-28.pdf

Exhibition in Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico-Cayey Present Representations of the Greater Antilles in the visual art Sunday, December 4th, will see the opening of the exhibition In Situ: visiones del paisaje en las Grandes Antillas which revisits the landscape collection of Cayey’s own Ramón Frade (Cayey, 1875-1954) along with contemporary artistic production from the neighboring islands: Hispaniola,…

Veerle Poupeye Interviews Jacqueline Bishop (Part I)

Sometimes life has a way of coming full circle … many moons ago I was a graduate student in creative writing making visual art that no one but myself saw … I got a grant to go to Jamaica to do work on a group of artists (The Intuitives) … Veerle Poupeye worked so hard…


Antillean, is a décor and home goods company I founded that draws its primary inspiration from the colors, craft traditions and vibrancy of the Caribbean. Our products will help you to feel enveloped in the warmth of the Caribbean, and create a sense of Caribbean chic and Caribbean living, wherever in the world you may…